Expansion Dock for Onion Omega


Expansion Dock for Onion Omega


SKU: ACC-042 - Mfg Part Number: EXPDOCK


The Onion Dock is the easiest way to get started with your Omega2 or Omega2+. In an effort to keep the Omega as small as possible, the board uses a 2.0mm pitch header rather than the standard 2.54mm of solderless breadboards – making connections a little more difficult for prototyping. This board allows everything to be connected up easily.

Plug it in using any microUSB cable and power is provided to the Onion; the dock includes a regulator circuit that ensures the Omega always receives the stable 3.3V it needs to operate optimally. The onboard USB to TTL serial chip allows direct access to the terminal over USB from your computer. A USB host port allows USB devices to be connected to your Omega. Each of the GPIO pins are broken out to a standard female 2×15 female header that can then be connected to a solderless breadboard using standard jumper wires. Perfect for getting any Omega project started!


  • MicroUSB Port – Power and serial terminal access
  • Power Switch
  • Onboard RGB LED
  • MicroUSB Port – Power and serial terminal access
  • 30-pin Expansion Header
  • Reset Button


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