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New Products!

Another week and another selection of new products!

First off we have a couple of Raspberry Pi touch screens. Both fit on the Raspberry Pi Model A/B/B+ and can be used for the console, X window port, and displaying images or video. The 2.8″ touch screen is 320 x 240 resolution and uses a capacitive touch overlay – no fingernail or stylus required! The larger 3.5″ touch screen uses a resistive and has 480 x 320 resolution.

We also have another new Raspberry Pi product this week: The Raspberry Pi B+ Proto Strip Board. This is our own creation – designed to work with the new Raspberry Pi B+. The board breaks out the 2×20 pin header and works like a strip board – ideal for porting your solderless breadboard creation to something a little more solid!

Finally we will end it off with one last part – a 50cm / 19.5″ servo extension cable. This is extremely handy for lengthening those servo connections that always seem to be too short! The cable works with all servos we carry in the store.

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