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2020 Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $25


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[giftProduct id=”4136″ acc=”21172,50028,1697″]This Conway’s Game of Life Soldering Kit has large through hole components making this an excellent project for anyone beginning with soldering or electronics. Completed kits can be connected together as modules, allowing for much larger display.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”66083″ acc=”32582,4021,42225,14132″]Looking for a 2 wheel drive chassis to build your first self navigating robot?. This acrylic chassis is perfect for the job! The kit is easy to assemble and offers a ton of different mounting points for your microcontroller, servos, sensors, and other additions.
For recommendations on motor drivers please see Product Details.

[giftProduct id=”5288″ acc=”4021,42225,14132,32582″]This two wheel drive robot chassis is perfect platform for a first attempt at building a simple roaming robot. The chassis kit is easy to assemble and offers plenty of mounting points for your microcontroller, sensors, and other additions (sold separately). The kit includes two motors, a battery pack, 4 wheels (2 caster, 2 drive wheels), two acrylic chassis pieces, and all the hardware required to assemble it.
For recommendations on motor drivers please see Product Details.

[giftProduct id=”40220″ acc=”4021,42225,32582,37030,23424″]Looking for a sturdy, 2 wheel drive chassis to build your first self-navigating robot? This anodized aluminum chassis is perfect for the job! The kit is easy to assemble and offers a ton of different mounting points for your microcontroller, servos, sensors, and other additions. Includes chassis, two motors, two wheels, a caster wheel , and all mounting hardware. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”45732″ acc=”32582,14132,4021,42225″]This four wheel robot chassis is perfect for experimenting with four-wheel drive. Each of the wheels is attached to its own motor, meaning you can control each individual wheel speed and direction. The kit is easy to assemble and offers plenty of mounting points for your microcontroller, sensors, and other additions. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”52798″ acc=”2373,32019,12370″]This 1400 piece kit is perfect for beginners looking to expand their collection of basic electronic components. These components are more than adequate for experimenting, learning, and prototyping with. The kit includes 600 Resistors (30 values, 20pcs each), 100 Diodes (5 different types), 100 LEDs (3mm, 5 colors), 120 Electrolytic Capacitors (12 values, 10pcs each), 180 Transistors (18 types, 10pcs each), 300 Ceramic Capacitors (30 types, 10pcs each), and a Plastic 36 Compartment Storage Box. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”69586″ acc=”36989,33575,31887,24144,25736″]The BBC micro:bit V2 is the newest version of this pocket-sized computer. We expect these to start shipping Late November. It is designed for anyone with an interest in electronics and coding – no experience required! The micro:bit makes getting into these challenging fields as easy as possible with drag and drop code, excellent guided projects, and a ton of built in capabilities. Windows, Android, and iOS compatible. Accessories, expansion boards, and advanced features allow this board to continue to be engaging well beyond beginners projects. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”52587″ acc=”61482,16426,40179″]The Raspberry Pi Wide Angle NoIR Camera is a great addition to any Raspberry Pi. This camera has no IR filter, meaning it is great for night vision projects. It features a wide field of view and will connect directly to any standard sized Raspberry Pi (A, B, A+, B+, 2, 3, 3A+, 3B+, or any of the Raspberry Pi 4 [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”40204″]This tiny camera is perfectly suited to the Pi Zero! The camera features an OV5647 image sensor rated at 5MP and an incredibly small form factor. The camera itself measures 9 x 9mm and is equipped with the smaller style CSI cable found on the Pi Zero (1.3 and newer), so no adapters are required to use it.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”13577″ acc=”42258,4966,35549″]The SparkFun RedBoard is an Arduino compatible board using the Arduino Uno’s form factor and chipset. It combines the simplicity of the UNO’s Optiboot bootloader, the stability of the FTDI USB interface, and the R3 shield compatibility of the latest Arduino UNO R3. It’s lower cost makes it a great stocking stuffer![/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”27154″ acc=”27157,30949,27535″]Need something a little more powerful than the Arduino? Is the Raspberry Pi too power hungry? The Onion Omega2+ IoT development boards is effectively a simple Linux computer that takes the best of both worlds and combines them into a tiny single board computer. This combination of efficiency, flexibility, and connectivity makes it an ideal IoT board.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”13596″]Digital calipers are an absolute essential for any workbench. These premium calipers come with an extra battery and auto shut-off function. Measurements can be taken in either metric or standard up to 6″ in length. These ship in a nice padded carrying case and include a spare 1.5V LR44 button cell[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”57896″]Heat shrink tubing is a favourite method of protecting solder joints, protecting small electronic components, and keeping wires organized. This large kit contains 385 pieces of heat shrink tubing in various colors. The case is segmented carrying case – perfect for throwing in a portable toolkit![/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”9948″ acc=”38391,1698,32027″]No matter what type of electronics you are working on, a heat gun is going to come in handy! The nozzle temperature is ~ 250℃ so it’s great for heat-shrink, melting things, and even very basic low temp rework.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”58753″ acc=”21172,1697,50028″]This mini soldering iron is perfect for small repairs or just keeping in a portable toolkit. You wouldn’t want to be soldering heavy cable or large components, but it is ideal for fixing small wires, attaching conventional electronic components, and other light duty soldering. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”18506″ acc=”21172,2688,1697″]This fixed temperature soldering iron is a low cost way to assemble basic electronics, make minor repairs, and hook up wires. The iron is attached to a six foot cable which is terminated with a North American standard type B plug. A iron stand is not included – but is available separately. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”47543″ acc=”50028,35362,1697″]Sometimes a repair on a circuit board requires a little more than a soldering iron. This tool kit has 6 dual purpose hand tools used for repairs, prototyping, and modifying. An excellent addition to any soldering workstation! [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”38391″]Stop melting your desk and searing your workbench! This silicone mat is made of 4mm thick rubber and can take just about anything you throw at it. It’s stable, strong, non-slip, non-conductive and heat-resistant surface for your workstation. The mat measures 34 x 23 cm and is equipped with grooves for placing solder paste, screws, headers, and pretty much any other small accessories.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”2480″]The third hand is an essential workbench accessory and makes a great stocking stuffer! Whether you are building models, soldering wires, or assembling electronics – this tool keeps everything held in place, leaving your hands free to solder, glue, inspect, etc. The third hand has two position-able “alligator clip” grippers that can be moved and set using the thumbscrews and wing nuts. There is also a magnifying glass that can be positioned to help see those tiny components and details! [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”56557″]A soldering iron stand is a must for any well set up electronics workstation. This well built metal stand from Atten holds up to 1kg spools of solder and keeps it from getting tangled. The stand ships fully assembled and works with all solder spools we stock.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”63664″]Having a good set of hooks is really helpful around the workbench. This kit includes four hooks, a flat prying tool, and a threaded handle that extends each tool. These are ideal for prying open cases, connector tabs, and generally getting into places where your hands don’t fit.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”18567″ acc=”16147,45061,14448″]The digital multimeter is an essential tool in every electronic enthusiasts arsenal. The SparkFun Digital Multimeter is a great starter multimeter, it features a loud continuity sound, current/voltage sense, and quality probes. You can use the multimeter to measure DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, continuity, and test diodes. Perfect for beginners in electronics, hobbyists, and in the workshop! [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”45061″] When we saw this set of multimeter probes with detachable alligator clips we knew they were a must have! When testing something with your multimeter, how many times have you used an alligator clip cable to connect from the end of your multimeter probe to what you want to measure? These probes solve the problem by having threaded collars that allow the included alligator clip attachments to thread right on to the end of the probe nice and secure. No extra messing about or additional opportunities for shorts / bad connections.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”50001″]This 17 in 1 tool kit is an excellent stocking suffer. The kit contains a comfortable screwdriver with 13 different interchangeable bits, three types of plastic prying tool, and a suction cup. All of these bits are kept organized in a handy carrying case – perfect for Do-It-Yourself repairs for modern electronics. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”2422″]A necessity for every work bench and tool box! These cutters are a great for trimming wires and leads and feature large comfortable grips – definitely a favorite around the shop. The flush back allows you to trim extremely close to solder joints, leaving you with a much cleaner result.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”21259″]Small drill bits are a great thing to have at any work bench. This set of 10 tiny bits range from 0.3mm to 1.2mm in 0.1mm increments. Each carbide bit has a 1/8” (3.175mm) shank which should work with a variety of rotary and hand tools.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”31001″ acc=”32019,12370,2771″]This breadboard is considered ‘extra large sized’ and is mounted to a metal plate. The size of this board means larger projects can be laid out without the need for multiple smaller boards or a cluttered layout. The three binding posts at the top of the plate allow for banana plugs or large power wires to be easily connected and tied to the power rails on the breadboard from a bench power supply or other power source. The breadboard itself features 1660 tie points in 8 interconnected power/ground columns and 126 interconnected rows.[/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”38611″ acc=”23161,30273,524″]Breadboarding is an important part of developing circuits; our Breadboarding Essentials Kit for Arduino includes all of the important bits for breadboarding with the Arduino. Whether you have been doing this all your life or are just getting started – this kit is always useful. We include three different sizes of breadboard, an Arduino compatible mounting plate, 80 Premium Jumper Wires (40 x 6” and 40 x 30”), and 140 Piece pre-formed Breadboard Jumper Wires. [/giftProduct]

[giftProduct id=”3544″]Not sure what that tinkerer in your life needs? A BC Robotics Gift Certificate lets them choose exactly what they need to complete their next project! These digital gift certificates are sent via email and can be printed – no need to worry about shipping times!
Gift Certificates do not expire.

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