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New Product Roundup – March 7th

The weekend is here, and with that, another edition of our New Product Roundup! This week we have six new products to share and a new Product of the Week at 30% Off. Let’s get to it!

New Products This Week


5V 2A Power Supply – USB


This small switch mode power supply can supply 5VDC at up to 2A by way of a normal USB female port. This can accept any standard USB cable and can be used to replace any standard “USB charger” for your phone or other portable device. These are often used to power microcontrollers and small single board computers. ... [Read More]



2-Way 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Splitter


This cable is designed to split a single DC barrel into two separate connectors. These are ideal in situations where multiple low power devices need to be connected to a common power supply. The cable measures 52 cm / 20.5” and has a single 2.1 x 5.5mm DC barrel jack branching into two 2.1 x 5.5mm DC barrel plugs. ... [Read More]



Panel Mount USB Cable (A-A)


This cable is designed to extend a standard USB port to a panel mount version of the same. These are ideal for use with the BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, or anything else with a USB host port. The jack has two “ears” that allow it to be mounted in a panel or box. The ears are tapped with an M3 thread... [Read More]



Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera – 0.5m


This 0.5m (~20") Raspberry Pi Camera Cable will let you swap out the stock 150mm long flex cable from a Raspberry Pi Camera (Standard, NoIR or Wide-angle NoIR) for a different size. Works great, just carefully open the connector on the Pi and the Pi Camera and slip this replacement cable in place. This cable can also be used with the Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen as well. We also offer other lengths up to 2 meters in the shop! Raspberry Pi Camera sold separately... [Read More]



Water Solenoid Valve – DN15


This liquid valve is normally closed and has 1/2" Nominal non-taped National Pipe outlets on each end. The solenoid will open the valve when 12V is applied across the two terminals. Please note: Liquid can only flow in one direction through this valve. Also, there is a 3PSI minimum pressure requirement due to the gasket arrangement inside... [Read More]



Stepper Motor – NEMA23 – 166 oz.in


Stepper motors are great motors for position control. They can be found in desktop printers, plotters, 3d printers, CNC milling machines, and anything else requiring precise position control. Steppers are a special segment of brushless motors. They are purposely built for high-holding torque... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 30% Off


1591B Proto Board


  This week we have 1591B Proto Board featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 30% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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