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New Product Roundup – June 20th

Saturday is here along with another iteration of our New Product Roundup! This week we have five new products to share and a new Product Of The Week at 20% Off. But before we get to that – it is also BC Robotics 8th Birthday tomorrow! To celebrate, we are going to do 16% Off any order placed from now until Sunday, June 21st at Midnight Pacific Time. Just enter coupon code 8thBirthday at the checkout – and don’t miss out!

New Products This Week


SparkFun Lightning Detector – AS3935


The SparkFun Lightning Detector adds lightning detection to your next weather station to make sure you are aware of any potential hazardous weather heading your way. The AS3935 is capable of detecting lightning up to 40km away with an accuracy of 1km to the storm front with a sensitive antenna tuned to pick up lightning events in the 500kHz band. There are a number of sources that can cause false positives but the lightning detector itself can reliably filter these out by default. If not, we've made sure to include settings you can configure using the lightning detector library to increase the chip's robustness to noise and false positives. The lightning detector library also gives you access to settings such as storm sensing sensitivity when detecting indoors vs outdoors, or the number of lightning strikes needed to trigger an interrupt.... [Read More]



2 x AAA Battery Case for micro:bit


This two-cell AAA battery holder built specifically for the BBC micro:bit and is the same battery case included in the BBC micro:bit Go Bundle and BBC micro:bit Club Set - perfect as a replacement if one has gone missing. The cable measures 150mm / 6" and the connector mates the JST socket on the micro:bit perfectly, allowing you to easily make your project battery powered. Please Note: BBC micro:bit sold separately. . . . ... [Read More]



Ultra Small Volt Gauge – Blue


This ultra small volt gauge allows for a separate power source from what it is monitoring; meaning the gauge can read right down to 0V without shutting off. To connect this gauge simply connect the Red wire to a positive pole on an external power source, the Black wire to the ground pole of the external power source and the ground of the circuit you are monitoring, and the Yellow wire to the point which you would like to measure voltage (see attached diagram). The gauge has two 2mm mounting holes spaced 26mm apart. ... [Read More]



5mm Flickering Yellow LED


This 5mm LED is amber in color and flickers a little like a flame. Likely these LEDs are normally used in battery powered candles. The forward voltage is 2V with a current consumption of 20mA. To use this LED you will need a current limiting resistor; this will vary depending on your input voltage... [Read More]



5mm Warm White LED


This 5mm Warm White LED is fairly bright, and easy to work with. The forward voltage is 3.4V with a current consumption of 20mA. To use this LED you will need a current limiting resistor; this will vary depending on your input voltage. Typically with a 5V supply we recommend a 82 ohm resistor for a single LED. Looking to mount these in a panel or enclosure? We carry a plastic and metal panel mount holder for these LEDs as well... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 20% Off


SparkFun gamer:bit


  This week we have SparkFun gamer:bit featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 20% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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