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Slide potentiometers are found in all sorts of devices. These particular slide pots are rated at 10K ohm and 0.5W and feature ~55mm of travel. Unlike most, this slide potentiometer has two individual potentiometer circuits inside – useful for controlling two separate circuits with one piece of hardware!


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Slide potentiometers, also known as linear potentiometers or faders, are a versatile type of variable resistor used to control voltage or current in electronic circuits. These components consist of a linear track with a conductive material, such as carbon, and a movable contact, often a wiper, which slides along the track. As the wiper’s position changes, so does the resistance between its terminals, allowing for precise control over the output signal. Common applications for slide potentiometers include audio mixing consoles, where they help adjust the volume or balance of individual audio channels, lighting control systems for adjusting brightness levels, and various industrial control systems. Their compact size, smooth operation, and reliable performance make them a popular choice for designers seeking a user-friendly interface for adjusting electrical parameters in real-time.

This specific slide potentiometer is rated at 10K ohm and 0.5W and feature ~55mm of travel. It has a nice, smooth feel to it and will fit any knobs with a 1 x 4 slot. The pot is generally designed to be mounted within a PCB and features breadboard / perfboard pitch pins, however the two anchor pins will need some persuasion if you are not using it within its intended PCB footprint. Alternatively, there are also 2 threaded M2 mounting holes on the front face of the potentiometer that can be used to hold it in place.


  • Rating: 10K Ohm , 0.5W
  • Length of travel: ~55mm
  • Linear Taper
  • Dimensions (overall): 75 x 9 x 28mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 5%
  • M2 mounting holes
  • 2.54mm pitch spacing
  • Dimensions (slider arm): 4 x 1 x 15mm

Package Contents

  • 1 x 10K Slide Potentiometer

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