2 Pin Chassis Connector – Panel Mount


2 Pin Chassis Connector – Panel Mount

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This 2 pin connector set is perfect for providing a secure, strong, connection between a fixed object and a cable. The panel-mount side of this connector is designed to fit in a 15.5mm diameter hole and should work with materials up to 4mm thick. The cable-mount side of this connector has a built in strain relief clamp and a ring that threads on to the panel-mount side of the connector to prevent it from pulling off.

Wires are soldered to each side of this connector by way of solder-cup connections. Simply insert each stripped wire into the cup of the connector and solder it in place. We recommend using small heat shrink over each individual conductor to keep things nice and protected. Each pin is clearly labeled on both halves of the connector and the entire assembly is keyed to prevent it from being connected incorrectly.


  • Recommended Current: 3A per pin
  • Screw clamp strain relief on cable side
  • Keyed to prevent improper connection
  • Panel Mount works with materials up to 4mm thick
  • Pins clearly labelled on each half of connector

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