22 AWG Solid Core Wire – Purple


22 AWG Solid Core Wire – Purple




Wire is an essential part of almost any electronic project. If you are not building the Space Shuttle, small spools of wire like these will probably work quite well. Each spool contains 25’ of Purple 22AWG Solid Core Wire meaning you can pick up a bunch of different colors to keep your wiring organized!

Solid core has a single solid copper strand inside of the insulated jacket making it quite rigid; when bent it will hold its shape (making this wire great for breadboarding). This rigidity does come at a cost: When bent too many times in the same place the wire could break internally – we don't recommend using this wire in situations where it will be bending all the time. If you need something a little more flexible we do carry Stranded Core Wire which is much better in situations where movement or constant bending is a requirement.

22AWG (American Wire Gauge) is the internal size of the wire. Typically with 22AWG you can run a couple amps a couple feet without too much voltage drop. For longer distances or higher current, a larger sized wire will be needed (smaller AWG number).


  • 25' Length
  • 22AWG solid core

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