3 Pack – SMT Breakout PCB – 48QFN / 48TQFP


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Need to prototype with a SMT chip? One side of this SMT breakout PCB has a 7x7mm 48-TQFPP pin out with traces going to two rows of 0.1″ spaced holes, the other has 7x7mm 48-QFN. Solder your chip to either side and you're ready to test on any solderless breadboard. There’s even a THM pad on the opposite side of the QFN body pad so you can fill it with solder for a heat sink and/or connect a wire to it (say when the pad must be grounded).

Each item comes with 3 PCBs, each PCB is identical. We also recommend picking up some 40 Pin Breakaway Headers to go with these!


  • Designed for 7x7mm 48-QFN and 7x7mm 48-TQFP chips
  • 3 Boards per pack
  • Dimensions: 60.75 x 20.5mm
  • 0.1″ Breadboard Compatible


  Difficulty Level

Soldering Skill: Intermediate
Prototyping Skill: Beginner
Programming Skill: N/A

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Weight: 20 g

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This product has a 30 Day Warranty from the date of delivery. The item must not be modified, abused, incorrectly hooked up, or used for purposes outside the original scope of design.

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  1. Len Ralph

    What does “breakout” mean?

    • Front Desk @ BCR

      Hi Len,

      Breakout is short for “breakout board” – which is a circuit board designed to break out all of the pins from a small integrated circuit to something a little more workable. With electronic components continuously getting smaller and smaller they are also becoming harder to work with when experimenting or building a prototype. Typically a breakout board will drop right into a solderless breadboard. Most breakout boards will have the focus component as well as all of its supporting components (capacitors, resistors, ect) already installed – making them quite easy to work with.

      This specific board doesn’t have anything installed – it is just a blank, meaning you can solder any integrated circuit in a 48QFN or 48TQFP and break out all of the pins to a solderless breadboard format.

      Hopefully that helps!

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