470uF 25V Capacitor


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Electrolytic capacitors are a type of capacitor widely used in electronic circuits due to their high capacitance values and relatively small size. They are commonly used for surge suppressing, transient voltages, and filtering out noise at the ~1KHz or less. This specific capacitor is rated for 470uF and 25V with a +/- 20% tolerance.


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Electrolytic capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits due to their high capacitance values and compact size. Their primary applications include filtering and smoothing in power supplies, decoupling to maintain stable voltage for components, coupling in audio and communication circuits to transfer signals, and creating time-delay circuits for timing or oscillation purposes. Additionally, they can be employed for temporary energy storage in devices such as camera flashes.

This specific capacitor boasts a capacitance value of 470uF and a voltage rating of 25V, making it suitable for a wide range of electronic applications. With its radial lead configuration and compact size, the ECA-1EM471 is designed for easy integration into various circuit designs. These capacitors are polarized and should not be hooked up backwards. The negative is denoted by a white line down the side of the capacitor with a negative symbol.


  • Capacitance: 470µF
  • Rated Voltage: 25.0V
  • Diameter: 10.0mm
  • Tolerance: ±20%
  • Lead Spacing: 5.0mm
  • Height (above board): 13.50mm

Package Contents

  • 1 x 470uF 25V Capacitor

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