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Have you ever wanted to build your own robot? Don’t know where to start? The Adafruit CRICKIT for micro:bit is the perfect add-on for getting started in robotics. The CRICKET gives the BBC micro:bit the ability to reach out and interact with the world through sensors, motors, lights, and sounds. Just plug your :bit into the 40 pin edge connector and start creating!

The board features a bunch of motor driving capabilities: 2 bi-directional motor drivers, 4 servo driver circuits, 4 channel Darlington driver for one uni-polar stepper motor (or 4 solenoids / relays / large LEDs). There are also 4 capacitive touch inputs and 8 additional pins that can be used as Digital Inputs, Outputs, and Analog Inputs. To provide lights and sounds: Adafruit has included a NeoPixel Driver for brilliant LED displays and an amplified speaker output.

For an easy way to get your robot moving: the CRICKIT is perfect for driving our Aluminum Robot Chassis and our Basic 2WD Chassis – building your own driving robot has never been so easy!

Since you’ll be working with high-current devices, Adafruit wanted to have a good solid power supply system that minimizes risk of damage. The power supply features an ‘eFuse’ management chip that will automatically turn off if the voltage goes above 5.5V or below 3V and has over-current protection at 4A.

Most small mobile robots will want to use a 3 x AAA Battery Pack with a DC Barrel Adapter (no soldering required). If you want to avoid batteries, and your project is stationary, we carry a 5V 2.0A Power Supply ideal for this board.

If it sounds like this board does a lot of things – it does, but don’t feel overwhelmed – Adafruit has an amazing guide (linked below) to help you bring your robot to life!

Please Note: BBC micro:bit sold separately!


  • No Soldering Required!
  • 4 x Analog or Digital Servo control, with precision 16-bit timers
  • 4 x High current “Darlington” 500mA drive outputs with kick-back diode protection. For solenoids, relays, large LEDs, or one uni-polar stepper
  • 8 x Signal pins, can be used as digital in/out or analog inputs
  • 1 x Class D, 4-8 ohm speaker, 3W-max audio amplifier – this is connected to micro:bit pin #1 which is the default audio output
  • 2 x Bi-directional brushed DC motor control, 1 Amp current limited each, with 8-bit PWM speed control (or one stepper)
  • 4 x Capacitive touch input sensors with alligator-pads
  • 1 x NeoPixel driver with 5V level shifter – this is connected to micro:bit pin #16 so you can use MakeCode’s built-in NeoPixel control
  • Input Voltage: 4 – 5VDC


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Prototyping Skill: Beginner
Programming Skill: Beginner

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