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The Adafruit Prop-Maker FeatherWing is a cosplay and prop-maker add-on board. Coupled with an Adafruit Feather you have an all-in-one battery powered electronics package for your next prop! The board is packed with features perfect for making sabers & swords, props, toys, and cosplay-pieces come to life!

So what is onboard?

  • Snap-in NeoPixel port – This port provides high current drive from either the Feather Lipoly or USB port, whichever is higher. A level shifter gives you a clean voltage signal to reduce glitchiness no matter what chip you’re using
  • 3W RGB LED drivers – 3 high current MOSFETs will let you connect a 3W RGB LED for powerful eye-blasting glory. For most Feathers, the 3 pins are PWM capable so you can generate any color you like. Available as pin breakouts plus strain-relief holes
  • Triple-Axis Accelerometer with Tap Detection – The LIS3DH is our favorite accelerometer, you can use this to detection motion, tilt or taps and trigger sound or lighting effects based on the motion!
  • Class D Audio Amplifier – Drive a 8Ω 1Watt speaker or 4Ω 3W speaker for sound effects. Note: For use only with Feathers that have analog audio out such as the Feather M0 Express and M4 series.
  • Low power mode! The power system for the RGB LED, NeoPixels and speaker amplifier can be controlled by a pin to cut power to them, so you have lower power usage when the prop is in sleep or off mode. When the power pin is set low, the current draw for just the wing is under 1mA and no there’s current draw from any attached NeoPixels (normally they’re about 1mA even when not lit).
  • A breakout for a mechanical switch to trigger Low Power Mode (with through holes for strain relief)
  • A breakout for an external switch that can be used as an input. (with through holes for strain relief)

Please note: A few of the onboard hardware elements use PWM and analog output so we recommend the Feather M0 Express or Feather M4 series, they’ll work best with this wing and let you make the most of it. For example:

  • Feather 32u4 and 328p do not have PWMs for all the RGB LED pins, and no analog audio output support
  • Feather nRF52, ESP32 ESP8266 do have PWMs on all the RGB LED pins but no analog audio output support
  • Feather M0 basic boards only have audio output support in Arduino, not CircuitPython.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use this ‘wing with the Feather ESP8266 or nRF52832, just that you won’t get any sound effects. You can still use the accelerometer, NeoPixels, RGB LED, etc.

Ships as an assembled FeatherWing with some header. Some light soldering is required to attach to your Feather.


  • Dimensions: 50.7 x 22.8 x 7.2mm
  • Snap-in NeoPixel port
  • LIS3DH Triple-Axis Accelerometer with Tap Detection
  • Weight: 4.8g / 0.2oz
  • 3W RGB LED drivers
  • Class D Audio Amplifier
  • Low power mode


Prop-Maker Lightsaber:

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Soldering Skill: Beginner
Prototyping Skill: Beginner
Programming Skill: Beginner

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Weight: 7 g

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