Adafruit Trinket M0


Adafruit Trinket M0


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The Adafruit Trinket M0 is a powerful, yet tiny, microcontroller based on the Atmel ATSAMD21 chipset. The board is small enough to fit in any product and priced low enough to use without worry. Best of all, the Trinket M0 supports Circuit Python!

This is Adafruit’s lowest cost CircuitPython board – these are shipped with CircuitPython pre-installed and ready to roll. Simply plug it in to your computer using a micro-USB cable and it will appear as a very small disk drive. Edit the file with any text editor to create your code and use it in your project. There is no IDE or compiler required, so it can work with just about anything that can see a flash drive and edit a text file.

If you prefer working with Arduino, the Adafruit Trinket M0 is also Arduino IDE compatible – to set it up for Arduino, just check out the Getting Started Guide listed in the resources below!

On the hardware side, this board is very capable. The Trinket M0 can be used in Arduino or CircuitPython as USB serial console, Keyboard/Mouse HID, even a little disk drive for storing Python scripts.


  • Chip: ATSAMD21E18 32-bit Cortex M0+
  • 48 MHz 32 bit processor 
  • Five GPIO pins with digital input/output with internally connected pullups or pulldowns
  • True 10-bit analog output on one I/O pin 
  • Three pins can also be used as hardware capacitive touch sensors with no additional components required
  • DMA-NeoPixel support on one pin so you can drive pixels without having to spend any processor time on it.
  • 256KB Flash / 32 KB RAM 
  • Native USB supported by every OS
  • Three of the I/O pins can be used for 12-bit analog input
  • Two high speed PWM outputs – for servos, LEDs, etc
  • Can drive NeoPixels or DotStars on any pins, with enough memory to drive 8000+
  • Native hardware SPI, I2C and Serial available on two pads so you can connect to any I2C or Serial device with true hardware support (no annoying bit-banging). You can have either one SPI device or both I2C and Serial.


Getting Started with Trinket M0:

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