Assorted Plastic Gear Set – 106 Pcs


Assorted Plastic Gear Set – 106 Pcs


SKU: ROB-205


Gears are incredibly useful – they can be used to create custom gearboxes to transfer motion, change output shaft speed, increase torque, and any number of other gear like functions. Different types of gears have different purposes and this kit has a great assortment of regular gears, crown gears, worm gears, linear gears, double reduction gears, and even a few pulleys and other accessories to experiment and create with.

The gears and pulleys are for use with most small hobby motors and our 2mm and 3mm shafts.


  • 17 types of Spindle straight tooth gear
  • 9 types of Crown gear
  • 3 types of Worm gear
  • Assorted Pulleys and Drive Belt
  • 39 types of Single gear
  • 22 types of Double gear
  • 1 Linear gear rack
  • Assorted bore sizes

Recommended Accessories

2 x 100mm Shaft
Price: $0.95
3 x 100mm Shaft
Price: $1.95


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