Breadboarding Essentials Kit for Arduino


Breadboarding Essentials Kit for Arduino

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Breadboarding is an important part of developing circuits; our Breadboarding Essentials Kit for Arduino includes all of the important bits for breadboarding with the Arduino.

In each kit we include a Large, Half, and Mini solderless breadboard. Having several breadboards means you don’t have to take everything off all the time! We also include a 140 piece pre-formed Jumper Wire Set. These are a nice, neat, way to connect everything up on your solderless breadboard. A set of 3” and 6” Premium Male / Male jumper wires are also in this kit. These are perfect for connecting your Arduino to the Solderless Breadboard and other devices. Finally, we also include one of our Arduino Mounting Plates. These plates are designed to hold your breadboard and Arduino in place and prevent things from moving around too much.

Compatible with Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Mega, Mega ADK, Due, SparkFun Redboard, Redboard Photon, Adafruit Metro, Adafruit Metro M0 and more!

Please Note: Arduino, Battery Case, and Sensor not included.


  • Compatible with Arduino, Adafruit Metro, SparkFun Redboard
  • Includes Arduino Mounting Plate
  • Includes 3 Breadboard Sizes
  • Includes 140 Piece Jumper Wire Set
  • Includes 40 x 3″ Premium Jumper Wires
  • Includes 40 x 6″ Premium Jumper Wires

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