CAN-BUS Shield


CAN-BUS Shield


SKU: ADA-022 - Mfg Part Number: DEV-13262


The CAN-BUS Shield provides your Arduino or Redboard with CAN-BUS capabilities and allows you to hack your vehicle. This shield allows you to poll the ECU for information including coolant temperature, throttle position, vehicle speed, and engine rpms. You can also store this data or output it to a screen to make an in-dash project.

It uses the Microchip MCP2515 CAN controller with the MCP2551 CAN transceiver. CAN connection is via a standard 9-way sub-D for use with an OBD-II cable. Ideal for automotive CAN applications. The shield also has a uSD card holder, serial LCD connector and connector for an EM506 GPS module. These features make this shield ideal for data logging application.

Note: A cable is not included with this shield.


  • CAN v2.0B up to 1 Mb/s
  • Standard and extended data and remote frames
  • Socket for EM506 GPS module
  • Connector for serial LCD
  • Joystick control menu navigation control
  • Micro SD card holder
  • Reset button
  • High speed SPI Interface (10 MHz)
  • CAN connection via standard 9-way sub-D connector
  • Power can supply to Arduino by sub-D via resettable fuse and reverse polarity protection.
  • Two LED indicator


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