Chip Quik No-Clean Flux Pen – 10mL


Chip Quik No-Clean Flux Pen – 10mL


SKU: SOL-015 - Mfg Part Number: CQ4LF


Do you need help soldering a difficult project, reworking a botched pin or just making your life easier? This 10mL no-clean flux pen from Chip Quik® is great for all of your solder, desolder, rework and reflow purposes! For those of you unfamiliar, flux is a handy substance that prevents beading of the solder and helps the solder flow cleanly onto the parts you are soldering. This is a must-have tool for any hobbyist’s workbench.

Each of these flux pens can be used in leaded and lead-free applications and is VOC, halide and rosin free — making it RoHS II and REACH compliant. Since this is a “no-clean” style flux, you won’t have to worry about any sort of conductivity issues associated with it interfering with your board or project. However, it is advisable to still clean whatever you are using this flux pen on with basic isopropyl alcohol (IPA), because a clean board is a happy board!

Note: It isn’t recommended to use this flux with solder that has a water-soluble or rosin flux core in scenarios that require your boards operate at a high reliability rate. At a hobbyist level you should have no issues.


  • Flux Type: No-Clean Liquid Flux
  • Flux Classification: INM0
  • Shelf Life: Refrigerated >24 months; Unrefrigerated >24 months
  • For leaded and lead-free applications
  • Packaging: 10ml Pen
  • Helps the solder flow cleanly


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