Conway’s Game of Life Kit (v1.3)


Conway’s Game of Life Kit (v1.3)


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The Game of Life is a 1-player game created by John Conway in 1970. The game simulates 'colonies' that grow or die based on the colonies around them. This electronics project plays Conway's game automatically once assembled.

This soldering kit has large through hole components making this an excellent project for anyone beginning with soldering or electronics. Completed kits can be connected together as modules, allowing for much larger display.


  • Each kit displays a 4×4 grid (16 LEDs)
  • Runs off of 2 AA batteries (not included), but can be easily modified to run off of USB or wall-wart power
  • Automatically resets if the colony has died or stagnated (regeneration)
  • Connect as many kits as you’d like, in any configuration, to create a larger game board
  • On/Off button to save power, also for resetting the display
  • Backwards compatible with older versions


Game of Life:

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