Copper Tape – 5mm x 25m


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Copper tape is a versatile and practical material commonly used for electrical projects and installations. This 5mm wide and 25-meter long roll has a non-conductive adhesive backing, ensuring easy application to various surfaces and preventing unwanted conductivity between layered pieces.


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Copper tape is a versatile and practical material used across a variety of industries and applications. It is essentially a thin strip of copper foil with an adhesive backing, enabling users to affix it to various surfaces with ease. Copper tape is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it a popular choice for electrical projects and installations. It is widely used in the electronics industry to create circuits on paper, fabric, or other non-conductive surfaces, as well as for shielding electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

This giant roll measures 5mm in width and comes with a total length of 25 meters. It features a non-conductive adhesive backing, meaning tape will not conduct to other pieces when layered over top one another. This particular roll is suitable for a wide range of electronic applications while providing users with ample material for their projects.


  • Width: 5mm
  • Roll Length: 25 meters
  • Non-conductive adhesive backing
  • 3mils / 0.07mm thick

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1 x Copper Tape 5mm x 25 meter roll

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Weight: 64 g

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