Dev Mega – Arduino Mega Proto Shield


Dev Mega – Arduino Mega Proto Shield


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We designed this Arduino Mega shield to work like a prototyping strip board. Just like a strip board or a solderless breadboard, the pins are tied together into rails and rows in the Dev Mega. The eight rails are ideal for power and grounds. We have added solder jumpers to the ends of these rails making it extremely easy to set each individual rail as 5V or GND – just add a blob of solder to select which one you would like to use or leave it empty if you have other plans! Each pair of full length rails is separated by interconnected rows of pins. This familiar format makes for an easy transfer of a prototype circuit on a breadboard to a much more permanent shield.

We have also broken out the three extra Serial Ports and I2C Port to convenient headers. These 4 pin headers give you power, ground, and data pins on one convenient connection. The headers are 0.100” / 2.54mm pin spacing, and compatible with a variety of connectors.

The board is compatible with all variants of the Arduino Mega family (Due, ADK, Mega2560) and the Adafruit Grand Central. To stack it on top of your Arduino we recommend Tall Breakaway Headers or 8-pin and 10-pin stacking headers.

Please Note: Headers and Arduino Sold Separately.


  • Arduino Mega header configuration
  • Solder jumpers tie rails to power or ground with ease
  • Familiar breadboard layout of interconnected pins
  • Easy to use!

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