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Every now and then a circuit board doesn't quite go as planned but it still quite useable. We have a run of these early prototype shields for the Arduino in which the reset button was grounded on the wrong pin leading to a state of permanent reset with a standard tactile button installed. Without the button these boards are fully functional. If a reset button is required, one of these narrow tactile buttons can be used instead.

This Arduino shield is designed to work like a prototyping strip board. Just like a strip board or a solderless breadboard, the pins are tied together into rails and rows. There are five full length horizontal rails ideal for power and grounds separating vertical rows of 3 and 4 pins. This makes for an easy transfer of a prototype circuit on a breadboard to a much more permanent shield.

The standard Arduino pins allow this shield to be used with the Uno, Diecimila, Duemilanove, and Leonardo. The board can also be used with the larger Mega and Due.

Available while supplies last – shield stacking headers sold separately!

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SKU: DEV-001 Manufacturer: BC Robotics Inc. Mfg Part Number: DEV-001

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