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This simple sensor uses a reed switch and a magnet attached to a buoyant piece of plastic to determine if liquid is present at that level or not. The level is not a precise measurement, it is a digital output of whether or not the float is at the top of the sensor, and is best used to detect if a container is empty/not empty OR full/not full.


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A float switch is a simple type of liquid level sensor used to determine whether or not liquid is present. The sensor uses a reed switch and a buoyant piece of plastic embedded with a magnet. If the liquid level drops far enough to let the plastic float reach the end of the slide, the magnet inside the float will cause the reed switch to close, and complete the circuit.

The switch can be used as a low voltage input to a microcontroller digital pin or to directly control loads (relays, solenoids, etc.) up to 500mA. These sensors will only work if placed vertically, if a side mount is required, we also offer a Right Angle version.


  • Maximum Current: 500mA
  • Circuit: SPST Switch
  • Wire Length: ~400mm

Package Contents

  • 1 x Float Switch

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