Gas Detection Module Kit – 9 Sensors


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This easy to use sensor kit consists of 9 different gas sensors. Each sensor ships pre-assembled with headers installed. Simply power these sensors with 5V, and the AO pin will output an analog voltage proportional to the gas detected.


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These sensors are highly sensitive and provide fast updates once the initial warm up period has completed. Each sensor board also features an adjustable set-point digital output (DO). The trigger point can be set using the potentiometer on the back of the module.

Please note: these are relative output sensors, and the voltage output does not represent a defined concentration. These are best used for detecting a change in concentration.

Sensors Included:

  • MQ2 – Smoke Sensor
  • MQ3 – Alcohol Gas Sensor
  • MQ-4 – Methane Gas Sensor
  • MQ-5 – H2, LPG, CH4, CO, Alcohol Sensor
  • MQ-6 – LPG / Propane Gas Sensor
  • MQ-7 – Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor
  • MQ-8 – Hydrogen Gas Sensor
  • MQ-9 – Carbon Monoxide & Flammable Gas Sensor
  • MQ-135 – Air Quality Sensor

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