GT2 Idler Pulley – Smooth – 3mm Bore


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In a toothed belt system, often a pulley is used on the opposing side of the belt to create tension to ensure the belt never skips a tooth. These smooth GT2 Idler pulleys are ideal for this application and feature integrated bearings.


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This GT2 timing pully has no teeth and is designed to be an idler or used to create a belt tensioner. Unlike a standard GT2 pulley, this one has a set of bearings pressed into the center bore. The bearings have a center bore of 3mm and allow the pulley to spin freely on a stationary shaft or bolt. The pully is designed to work with all forms of 6mm wide GT2 belt we carry in stock and is intended to run on the smooth side of the belt.


  • Press fit 3mm inner diameter bearings
  • Smooth, no teeth
  • Designed for 6mm belt width
  • Ideal for belt tensioners and idlers

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  • 1 x GT2 Idler Pulley – Smooth - 3mm Bore

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