Heat Shrink Butt Connector Kit – 50 Pieces


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This 50 piece kit contains 4 different sizes of Heat Shrink Butt Connector. These connectors are self soldering and feature weather resistant heat shrink insulation. Ideal for connections exposed to vibration, moisture, or other challenging conditions.


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Butt Connectors are a type of wire to wire connector used to connecting and splicing wires. This variant is referred to as a self soldering butt connector, a specialized variant designed to create a more durable and secure connection between wires. The connector has a solder ring in the middle of the connector that melts when heat is applied, effectively soldering the wires together. In addition, this connector includes a heat-shrink tubing that encases the entire connection when heated, providing insulation and environmental protection. This dual action of soldering and heat-shrinking ensures a highly reliable and robust connection, eliminating the need for separate soldering and insulation steps. These connectors are especially useful in situations where the connection will be exposed to vibration, moisture, or other challenging conditions.

Using these connectors is a little different than most, and no crimpers are required. Slip the connector over one side of  the wire, twist the wires together as tight as you can, and use a heat gun to finish the connection. Optionally, we find applying a dab of liquid flux once the wires are twisted together helps improve the solder flow within the connector.


  • Heat Shrink Protective Coating
  • No Crimping Required
  • Self Soldering
  • 50 Piece Kit
  • 4 Different Sized Connectors

Package Contents

  • 20 x Red Connector
  • 15 x Blue Connector
  • 10 x White Connector
  • 5 x Yellow Connector

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