Heating Pad – 5 x 10cm


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Keep your project (or yourself!) warm with this electric heating pad. This material is flexible and was originally designed for wearable heating pads. Apply 5 – 12VDC and the fibers in this pad will begin to heat up! Fine temperature control can be achieved using a PWM signal and an N-channel transistor.


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This innovative 5 x 10cm heating pad, specifically designed for wearable heating applications, provides comfort and warmth in a lightweight, flexible design. Made from high-quality polyester filament and micro stainless steel fiber, this pad is insulated with durable polyimide film, ensuring excellent heat transfer and even distribution across the surface. Compatible with a wide voltage range of 5-12V DC, this heating pad can be easily integrated into various wearable devices and garments or used to keep enclosures warm. Heating can be controlled using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and combined with a temperature sensor to maintain a specific temperature if needed.



  • Voltage: 5 - 12VDC
  • Current: Up to 1 Amp
  • Polyester filament and micro stainless steel fiber
  • Wire Length: 35.8mm / 1.4˝
  • 5 x 10 cm heating area
  • Insulation: Polyimide film (Kapton)
  • Weight: 2.53g

Package Contents

  • 1 x Heating Pad - 5 x 10cm

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