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Need to help your Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera see in the dark? This Infrared LED spotlight will do the job! They work in the 850nm range – outside the range of human vision, but well within that of the Raspberry Pi NoIR. These are an excellent addition to wildlife, security, or other night vision projects. They can also be used for other projects where bright infrared light sources are required.

The lights themselves contain their own light dependant control circuit. Depending on the ambient brightness detected by the CDS photocell, this module will adjust its brightness accordingly from Off all the way to full brightness. This means it only reaches full brightness in complete darkness at its default setting. Adjusting the onboard trim potentiometer allows you to adjust the light level for max brightness right down to “On all the time”. We recommend our PH0 Ceramic Screwdriver for adjusting the pot.

Each of these LED modules can draw up to 330mA at 3.3V (1 Watt) so a fairly decent power supply is required. Do not drive these off the 3.3V supply found on the Raspberry Pi! An external 3.3V regulator is required.

Connecting this module is fairly simple, just 3.3V power and a ground. These are connected through the large copper pads, which can also be used as mounting holes. The positive (3.3VDC) pad is located right beside the CDS photocell, while the ground is beside the small trim potentiometer.


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • 850nm 1-Watt LED with lense
  • Photocell controlled brightness
  • Operating Current: Up to 330mA
  • Perfect for Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera
  • Adjustable sensitivity

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