Large SPDT Relay Breakout


Large SPDT Relay Breakout


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Many of the most common relays are designed to fit specific footprints on circuit boards. This simple breakout board is designed to fit the larger 5V relays we carry and breaks out all contacts to through holes – much easier to work with! This is compatible with both SPST and SPDT relays in this form factor.

On the coil side, a 3.5mm 2 pin screw terminal fits easily and there is space for a flyback diode. On the contact side a 5mm 3 pin screw terminal fits nicely.

The board features 2 oz. copper for improved high current performance. While it will accommodate relays capable of up to 30A, the board traces will tolerate a maximum of approx. 20A for short periods of time and 15A continuous. If using screw terminals, these are rated to a maximum of 13.5A.

Please Note: Relay, Screw Terminals, and Diode sold separately.


  • Dimensions: 55 x 35.2mm
  • Heavy 2 oz. copper
  • Space for flyback diode
  • Max: 20A Peak / 15A Continuous

Recommended Accessories

Terminal Block – 3-pin 5.0mm
Price: $1.25
Terminal Block – 2-Pin 3.5mm
Price: $1.25
1N4007 Diode – 1A 1000V
Price: $0.15


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