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This MSOP-10 breakout allows for a single MSOP-10 chip to be used on a solderless breadboard while taking up the minimum amount of breadboard space possible. Just solder your chip to the board and solder on some headers and you are good to go!


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Surface mount Integrated Circuits (ICs) have, for the most part, replaced through hole DIP ICs as technology forces everything smaller. These ICs are so small and delicate that it can be challenging to connect them to the other parts of your project, especially if you’re not used to working with them. That’s where Surface Mount IC breakout boards come in. These breakout boards are like little bridges that help you easily connect the Surface Mount ICs to something much more manageable and breadboard friendly.

This specific board is designed for the MSOP-10 (Mini Small Outline Package with 10 pins), a specific type of Surface Mount IC with a compact 10-pin configuration. With dedicated soldering pads tailored to the MSOP-10 form factor, this breakout board ensures a secure connection between the IC and the board itself. Each of the MSOP-10 pins are brought out to a breadboard friendly interpretation of the chip, with all of the pins in the same order.  Once fully soldered, these boards enable hobbyists and engineers alike to seamlessly incorporate MSOP-10 ICs into their projects using standard breadboards or prototyping platforms.

Soldering the MSOP-10 can be a little challenging, however it can be done with a conventional soldering iron, flux, and a little solder wick.



  • Occupies the same space as a DIP-10 on a breadboard
  • MSOP-10 footprint

Package Contents

  • 1  x MSOP-10 Breakout

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