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Make your Pi project a little more permanent with our proto strip board for the Raspberry Pi! The board has been specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi and is compatible with all of the mounting holes and larger 40 pin GPIO header found on standard versions of the Raspberry Pi including all variations of the Raspberry Pi 4. The board breaks out the entire header for easy access to all of the Pi’s I/O and power and has plenty of interconnected strips just like a solderless breadboard or proto strip board! To use this board with the Raspberry Pi a header will need to be soldered in place. There are a variety of headers available depending on the application:

Stacking Headers:
These are used when the board is going to be stacked with other add-on HATs

Standard Headers:
These are used when the board is going to be the only thing stacked on the Raspberry Pi.

Please Note: A Raspberry Pi and Header are sold separately.



  • Strip board design with 40 pin GPIO breakout
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3/3+/3A+ and all Pi 4 models


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Prototyping Skill: Beginner
Programming Skill: N/A

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  1. Morgan (verified owner)

    For all the other newbs out there I’ll post the following to save some time. This is all probably so obvious to the creators of the BC Robotics Raspberry Pi Proto Strip Board that they didn’t feel it needed to be mentioned. Nevertheless I managed to mess it up.

    1. At least for the Raspberry Pi 3 the Tall Stacking Header is overkill, a regular stacking header is enough. In fact, if it weren’t for item 2 you almost don’t even need a header.

    2. I just slid this strip board over a Tall Stacking Header and expected everything to work. This is not the case. The connections this board makes to the header are poor at best. You actually have to solder the board to the header. I was lazy and just soldered the pins I needed but I assume they expect you to solder all 40.

    • Chris @ BCR

      Hi Morgan,

      Thank you for your feedback! I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with one of our products – please feel free to get in touch with our support team to see if there is anything we can do to help!

      Just like any other component used in this proto strip board, the header does need to be soldered in place. The board’s through hole plating is not designed to be a connector, it is just a means for soldering a connector (or header) in place. We will update the product page to make this a little more clear.

      With regards to the stacking header height, you are correct, a shorter header can be used with this board. However, when it comes to the Pi 3 we do recommend using a taller header. The Pi 3 runs quite hot and (whenever possible) a little more air space between the boards isn’t a bad idea.

      Hopefully that helps!

  2. Steve (verified owner)

    I found this board to be of high quality and thoughtful design. Just ordered two more.

  3. Matt

    These boards are good quality, I’ve used a few of them now. I was wondering if BC-Robotics has a gerber file or .kicad_pcb file available for this board?

    • Chris @ BCR

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the great feedback! We don’t make the production files available, but if you are looking for specific information or dimensions, let us know and we can get that to you.

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