Raspberry Pi Zero Proto HAT


Raspberry Pi Zero Proto HAT


SKU: RAS-102 - Mfg Part Number: RAS-102


This tiny Raspberry Pi Zero Proto HAT / perfboard / protoboard is ideal for building small, custom, circuits on the Raspberry Pi Zero. We have designed this board to be a little like a the pin configuration of a solderless breadboard (in the sense that it has rows and rails of pins tied together) and clearly labeled them on the board. While we didn’t have room to break out every single pin, we have broken out the UART, I2C, SPI, and a bunch of digital pins from the 40 pin header – definitely enough to get by in most cases!

To connect this board to your Raspberry Pi we recommend using the Small HAT Header. This connector is the thinnest one we have in stock!


  • Same form factor as the Pi Zero
  • Breaks out all the important pins

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