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Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3


Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3


SKU: RAS-083 - Mfg Part Number: RASPBERRYPI-ZERO


Please Note: The Pi Zero is currently backorder. All orders placed after April 7th 2016 will be receiving the updated Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3 complete with camera port! Orders will be shipped in the order they are received. Limit 1 per customer. Please contact us with any questions!

What is the Pi Zero? It is the cheapest Raspberry Pi on the market – but still very capable. The Zero features a single core 1GHz processor with 512MB of RAM, 2 USB micro ports (1 for USB, 1 for power), a micro HDMI for video output, and an unpopulated 40 pin GPIO compatible with all HATs. All of this is crammed into a 30 x 65mm circuit board with 4 mounting holes.

The Zero does require a few bits and pieces to get up and running; we are also offering a Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit with everything you need in one convenient package!

The Zero does not feature the same connector ports as the previous Raspberry Pis. In an effort to make this as low cost as possible the Pi Foundation has removed the Pi Display header, and the Ethernet jack. As of May 16th, the Pi Zero now has a camera port!


  • Single core 1GHz processor
  • 1 microUSB port (USB OTG)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 65mm
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 1 microUSB power port
  • Unpopulated 40 pin GPIO


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SKU: RAS-083.
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  1. :

    The composite video plug is gone but they have broken out on the board if you want to solder on a two pin header.

  2. :

    what is a backorder?

    • :

      Hi Carlos,

      Backorder means that an item is currently out of stock but can still be purchased ahead of its arrival. This effectively reserves the item for you from future stock. Hopefully that helps!

  3. :

    You know when the new stock will common ?

    • :

      Hi Bob,

      At this time we do not have an “In Stock” date – until the Raspberry Pi Foundation starts producing considerably more they will likely only trickle in.

  4. :

    DO you ship to mexico and how much stock do you have?

    • :

      Hello, We do ship to Mexico! As for stock, the Pi Zero is on backorder. Backorders are shipped in the order they are received.

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