Solderless Breadboard – Large


Solderless Breadboard – Large

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SKU: PROTO-001 - Mfg Part Number: MB-102


Solderless breadboards are one of the most useful things out there. Without them, prototyping circuits becomes a lot more cluttered or a lot more permanent! These breadboards feature rows and columns of interconnected sockets. Components can be placed in the breadboard and connected up using hookup wire or jumper wire to test a circuit, changed as necessary, and eventually ported to a more permanent solution once all the bugs are worked out.

This breadboard is considered 'full sized' and features 830 tie points in 4 interconnected power/ground columns and 126 interconnected rows. The board is 6.50″ x 2.14″ (165.1mm x 54.4mm) and has tabs that allow it to be connected to other solderless breadboards to make it even larger.


  • 0.100″ Pitch
  • 4 columns, 63 rows
  • 830 Tie points
  • Adhesive backing


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