SparkFun gator:bit V2.0


SparkFun gator:bit V2.0


SKU: BBC-012 - Mfg Part Number: DEV-15162


The SparkFun gator:bit is an all-in-one expansion board for your micro:bit that provides you with a fully functional development and prototyping platform. Almost every pin on the micro:bit is broken out to alligator clip compatible pads so you can get the most out of it without soldering or complicated breadboard pinouts! Whether it is data visualization using the five on-board addressable LEDs or creating musical works of art using the built-in speaker, we’ve got it covered with the with the SparkFun gator:bit!

The most beneficial feature of the gator:bit is safe access to as many GPIO as possible from the micro:bit. Not only are pins 0, 1, 2, 8, 16, 5 (Button A), and 11 (Button B) broken out, but they are also protected against over voltage and over current/short circuit. Pins 0, 1, and 2 are ADC pins and are also the capacitive touch pins. Pins 8, 16, 5, and 11 are digital pins capable of read and write. Additionally, pins 13 (SPI), 14(SPI), 15(SPI), 19 (I2C), and 20 (I2C) can be used to read and write whatever digital signals you could want.

Each SparkFun gator:bit can be powered from 2.7V – 9V giving you quite a range of powering options. There are two ways of powering your gator:bit, either from the JST battery terminal or the alligator clip pads labeled “VIN”. Any voltage input between 2.7V and 9V will be regulated to 3.3V to power the micro:bit, the speaker, and for use by any of the alligator clip pins.

While this can be a lot to take in, SparkFun doesn’t leave you in the dark to figure it out. They go into much more detail about each pin and other attributes (like supplying voltage out, light, and sound) in the SparkFun gator:bit Guide found below. Make sure to check that out!

Even without any external hardware the gator:bit is still an exploratory development board for micro:bit allowing the easiest access to it for educators, beginners, and pro-makers alike.

Please Note: As of May 2019 we are now carrying the updated “Version 2.0” of this board – these now have a DC barrel jack instead of a JST connector for external power.

Please Note: BBC micro:bit is not included. These are available in the Go Bundle or as the Individual Board!


  • Expand your micro:bit with additional inputs and outputs
  • 7 protected input/output pins
  • 2 pins for I2C
  • 3 pins for Analog
  • 5V output
  • 5 built in addressable RGB LEDs
  • Input voltage: 2.7V – 9V
  • Built in buzzer
  • 3 pins for SPI communication
  • 3.3V output


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