Ultrasonic Distance Transducer – HY-SRF05


Ultrasonic Distance Transducer – HY-SRF05


SKU: SEN-116 - Mfg Part Number: HY-SRF05


Meet the HY-SRF05 – a longer range, more precise ultrasonic sensor. These sensors use a pulse of ultrasonic sound and listen for a response. Since the speed of sound is relatively stable, we can measure the time between the pulse and the echo to determine distance.

We have found this version to be quite a bit better at detecting objects at longer distances than the HC-SR04. The SRF05 will detect a person sized object out to approximately 4 meters; walls and other large flat surfaces can be measured over 5 meters away!

These sensors are not pin compatible with the HC-SR04, as there is one extra pin. These are, however, code compatible with any of the HC-SR04 examples out there.


  • Operating voltage: 5VDC
  • Operating frequency: 40KHz
  • 15° Field Of View
  • Operating current: 2mA
  • Range: 2 – 500cm
  • Output: TTL level signal proportional to range


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