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New Product Roundup – August 10th

Happy Saturday! It was a short week here with the BC Day holiday last Monday – but we still have three new additions to showcase and a new product of the week for today’s New Product Roundup. Lets get to it!

New Products
First up today we have a small 2-axis analog joystick – these are similar to the type found in most modern video game controllers. Simply read each axis using an available analog input on your microcontroller and you have a precise, simple input system for controlling a robot, an arm, or even a cursor on a screen! Next up, we have a 80mm propeller is similar to those found on small toy airplanes. These fit on a 2mm shaft and are compatible with most DC motors we stock. Finally, sticking with the propeller theme we have a 2 pack of powerful N30 motors and propellers. These are rated to 3.7V / 25000 RPM and feature left and right blade propellers.

Product Of The Week – 50% Off!
Product of the Week is our 5mm to 5mm Aluminum Shaft Couplers. This flex coupler has a helical cut that allows two shafts that are not perfectly aligned to be joined together while reducing binding. 50% Off until Friday at midnight – so don’t miss out!

2-axis Joystick with Select Button

Add a mini joystick to your project! This joystick is a two-axis analog input (very similar to those found in most modern game controllers). And if that doesn’t seem useful enough already, these joysticks also have a “select button” (momentary pushbutton) built in as well – pressing down on the joystick will activate the button.

80mm Three Blade Propeller – Blue

This Three Blade 80mm propeller is similar to those found on small toy airplanes. Use it to build your next miniature hovercraft, airplane, or just to make your DC motor less boring! The propeller is designed to fit on a 2mm shaft and will work with most small DC hobby motors we stock.

N30 Motor With Propeller 2-Pack

This set of two motors and propellers are ideal for small twin engine aircraft or other flying machine. The N30 motors are powerful and rated to 3.7V and 25000 RPM. The kit includes two propellers and has a left and right (for counter-rotating propellers) – these press fit onto the motor shafts.

New Tutorial!

Raspberry Pi Irrigation Control – Part 4
In the last part of this tutorial series we are going to look at installing our irrigation controller and some of the most common setups. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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