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New Product Roundup – March 27th

Happy Saturday! March is just flying by – here we are at the final New Product Roundup of the month. In this edition we have four new products to share including a new version of our BCR 2 Channel Relay Breakout Boards. Plato Flush Cutters are 50% Off as Product Of The Week. Let’s jump in and take a closer look!

New Products This Week


2 Channel Relay Breakout – 24V


Need to drive high current or high voltage devices with a low voltage or low current signal? This premium dual 10A relay breakout board can handle it. This version of the board uses a 24V relay and can be triggered with logic signals from 3.3V to 24VDC - ideal for automation systems and other devices that have 24VDC power available. The board uses high quality North American sourced parts. Simply connect 24V power, Ground, and your digital inputs to the 4 pin header and that’s it – no need for any additional components... [Read More]



24V 10A SPDT Relay


This compact relay is a SPDT (single pole - dual throw) with a contact rating of up to 10A. Typically these will be used in a special footprint on a circuit board, but they can be made to fit into perfboards with a little creativity or use one of our handy SPDT Relay Breakout PCBs. The coil voltage is 24VDC, so applying ~24V across the coil pins will change the contact position of the relay. The contacts can handle a maximum of 10A and voltages up to 270VAC / 28VDC... [Read More]



Rectangle Loudspeaker With Wire – 8 Ohm


This tiny rectangular enclosed speaker is a great addition to any audio project where the size of a round speaker isn't practical. We like this speaker as it is pre-wired and easy to work with. It is easy to mount since it is enclosed, and the volume / audio quality is decent for a speaker of this size and power. The speaker measures 24 x 13 x 8.5mm and has two 50mm wires attached... [Read More]



Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera – 15cm


This 15 centimeter Raspberry Pi Camera Cable is the same one that ships with the standard Raspberry Pi Cameras. So if you have damaged and need the original cable, this is it. Fits the (Standard, NoIR or Wide-angle NoIR). We also offer other lengths up to 2 meters in the shop... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 50% Off


Plato 170 Flush Cutters


  This week we have Plato 170 Flush Cutters featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 50% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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