1.8″ TFT LCD (128×160) ST7735 Breakout


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This 1.8″ SPI driven TFT LCD is an inexpensive way to add a colorful display to any project! it features a 128×160 color pixel display and can display full 18-bit color (262,144 shades!)


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This 1.8″ SPI driven TFT LCD is an inexpensive way to add a colorful display to any project! The screen uses The display uses 5 wire SPI to communicate and has its own pixel-addressable frame buffer making it compatible with just about every kind of microcontroller and single board computer – even the Raspberry Pi!

The 1.8″ display has 128×160 color pixels. The ST7735 TFT driver can display full 18-bit color (262,144 shades!). The breakout ships pre-assembled and requires no soldering to use. There is a SD card holder on the back – however we haven’t had much luck with it.


  • Dimensions: 58.3 x 34.6 x 7.3mm (excluding headers)
  • 1.8" LCD TFT display
  • 128x160 resolution
  • 262,144 (18bit) color
  • 5 wire SPI digital interface

Package Contents

  • 1 x 1.8" TFT LCD (128x160) ST7735 Breakout

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  1. Owen T (verified owner)

    Worked great with Raspberry Pi Pico W
    Used Adafruit tutorial at : https://learn.adafruit.com/1-8-tft-display?view=all
    No code modifications needed to run the “graphicstest” example under the “AdaFruit ST7335 and ST7789 Library”

    LCD connections to Pico W
    ◦ VCC to pin 36 – 3V3(OUT)
    ◦ GND to pin 38 – GND (or any other GND on the Pico)
    ◦ CS to pin 14 – GP10
    ◦ RESET to pin 12 – GP9
    ◦ A0 to pin 11 – GP8 (A0 is sometimes called DC in other examples)
    ◦ SDA to pin 25 – GP19 / SPIO TX
    ◦ SCK to pin 24 – GP18 / SPIO SCK
    ◦ LED to pin 36 – 3V3(OUT) (for max brightness – this is a PWM input, if unconnected the display is very dim)

  2. Jim (verified owner)

    Got the SD card holder working with both a Raspberry Pi Pico H and a BBC micro:bit V1.5 by setting SPI speed to 4MHz and formatting the SD card using the Adafruit SdFat library (SdFat_-_Adafruit_Fork) found in:


    This allows images stored in files on the SD card to be displayed. Was also able to write to the card using the Pico, though I haven’t tried doing so with the micro:bit.

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