Audio Plug – Stereo+Mic – 3.5mm


Audio Plug – Stereo+Mic – 3.5mm


SKU: CON-143 - Mfg Part Number: SP-3540


This TRRS 3.5mm Audio Plug (stereo audio + microphone) has a solder contact for each channel and a simple screw on plastic shroud to protect the connections. It is perfect for any project using a standard TRRS headphone jack. If you don’t need the microphone contact, check out our TRS Stereo version!

To assemble the connector: unscrew the outer shell to reveal solder terminals on the inside of the plug. Because of the number of contacts in the connection, each has to be carefully soldered to its respective ring. Once completed, simply screw on the plastic shroud to protect the connections. Always be sure to slide the outer shell onto your wires before soldering – it is a pain to take them apart if you forget!


  • Solder points for each contact
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • 3.5mm TRRS (4 Conductor)
  • Rated Current: 1A


TRRS Audio Plug:

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