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Pulling chips from IC sockets can be a difficult – especially with the larger ones. The little hooks on each end of this IC extractor tool grab the chip and allow you to pop it out vertically – this should help prevent bent pins.


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An IC extractor tool is designed to safely and efficiently remove dual in-line package (DIP) chips from their sockets without causing damage. These chips are often firmly seated in their sockets, making manual extraction without the proper tool a risky endeavor that can bend or break the pins, or worse, end up with them imbedded in your fingers!

This extractor tool features two flat hooks, which grip onto the ends of a DIP chip, allowing users to gently pry and lift the chip out of its socket. By ensuring an even force is applied to both ends of the chip, the tool minimizes the potential for bending pins. The puller also has an insulated vinyl coating and works on DIPs from 4 – 28 pins. A great tool to have around the workbench!


  • Pull DIPs from 4 - 28 pins
  • Insulated vinyl coating
  • Sprung Handle

Package Contents

  • 1 x IC Extractor Tool

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