Panel Mount Ethernet Cable – 1M


Panel Mount Ethernet Cable – 1M


SKU: CAB-118


This handy cable is used to extend an ethernet cable from a device mounted inside a box or enclosure to the outer panel. Ideal for use with the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, and Jetson Nano.

The jack has two M3 mounting holes spaced 27mm apart. The cable measures 100cm total length including connectors, with 92cm of that being the cable itself.


  • Straight-through extension
  • 24 AWG wires
  • Two M3 mounting screws, 27mm apart
  • Panel mount Ethernet 8P socket with Ethernet 8P plug at cable end.
  • 92cm Cable
  • Plastic “boot” at Ethernet end is 20mm tall x 36.5mm wide (21.5mm where it is smaller behind the mounting flange) x 31mm deep

Recommended Accessories

M3 x 8mm Phillips (Single)
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