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New Product Roundup – May 29th

Time for another edition of our Saturday New Product Roundup! This week we have three new additions to the catalogue to share including a new Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bit. Product Of The Week is our 4 Character 7 Segment-Display – Red at 50% Off!

New Products This Week


pH Sensor


pH sensors are an important type of water quality sensor. These are used to measure how acidic or basic a liquid is. This specific sensor can measure from 0-14pH within a temperature range of 0-60°C. The sensor itself outputs a very tiny voltage dependent on the pH, and will require an amplifier circuit for most projects... [Read More]



Music Maker FeatherWing w/ Amp


Add music to your project with a combined Audio Decorder / Stereo Amplifier. This powerful FeatherWing features the VS1053, an encoding/decoding (codec) chip that can decode a wide variety of audio formats such as MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MIDI, FLAC, WAV (PCM and ADPCM). You can do all sorts of stuff with the audio as well such as adjusting bass, treble, and volume digitally. All this functionality is implemented in a light-weight SPI interface so that any Feather Board can play audio from an SD card... [Read More]



micro:bit IO Breakout


Looking to take full advantage of what the BBC micro:bit can do? Access all 21 pins on the micro:bit with this pre-built breakout board. This is an excellent way to connect to solderless breadboards, external sensors, servos, and other accessories to the micro:bit using standard 0.100” / 2.54mm pitch jumper wires. In the edge connector of the micro:bit there are 19 multi use I/O pins, 3.3V, and GND. All of these are broken out to useful male header pins complete with labels... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 50% Off


7-Segment Display – Red


  This week we have 7-Segment Display – Red featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 50% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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