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New Product Roundup – June 26th

Happy Saturday everyone! Just a quick reminder – Canada Day is coming up and we will be closed from Thursday July 1st through Sunday July 3rd for the holiday weekend. All orders placed after Wednesday’s cut-off will be processed beginning Monday July 5th. With that announcement out of the way, we have four new products to share and a new Product of the Week on Sale – let’s go take a closer look!

New Products This Week


Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Cable


The addition of a camera port to the Raspberry Pi Zero was great news but due to the size of the Zero a smaller camera cable connector had to be used. Because of this smaller connector, a special Raspberry Pi zero camera cable is required. This cable will allow all versions of the Raspberry Pi Camera to connect to the Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3. The cable is 160 mm long, just a little longer than the standard camera cable, and simply slots in place of the standard cable on the camera... [Read More]



5V 2.0A Wall Adapter (2.1mm)


This small switching power supply delivers a regulated 5VDC @ up to 2000mA from any standard wall outlet. The cable is approximately 4' long and has a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel jack. . ... [Read More]



SparkFun GPS Breakout – SAM-M8Q (Qwiic)


The SparkFun SAM-M8Q GPS Breakout is a high quality, GPS board with equally impressive configuration options. The SAM-M8Q is a 72-channel GNSS receiver, meaning it can receive signals from the GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo constellations. This increases precision and decreases lock time and thanks to the onboard rechargeable battery, you'll have backup power enabling the GPS to get a hot lock within seconds. Additionally, this u-blox receiver supports I2C (u-blox calls this Display Data Channel) which made it perfect for the Qwiic compatibility so we don't have to use up our precious UART ports... [Read More]



Adafruit AirLift FeatherWing – ESP32


Give your Feather project a lift with the Adafruit AirLift FeatherWing - a FeatherWing that lets you use the powerful ESP32 as a WiFi co-processor. You probably have your favorite Feather (like the Feather M4) that comes with its own set of awesome peripherals and lots of libraries. But it doesn't have WiFi built in. So lets give that chip a best friend, the ESP32... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 20% Off


Rosin Flux Paste – 50g


  This week we have Rosin Flux Paste – 50g featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 20% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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