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This 5V 2.5A power supply is specifically designed for most of today’s single board computers. Many are powered with a 5V power supply terminated with a MicroUSB connector. The power supply is compatible with the Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+, 2, 3B, 3A+, 3B+, and all versions of the Pi Zero. It also works with the Nvidia Jetson Nano, and just about anything else powered via 5V through a MicroUSB connector.

To combat voltage drop, an issue found when running many of these single board computers at their full potential, this specific power supply is set to 5.1V and uses thick 20AWG wires. This ensures much better power delivery under heavy loads, with minimal voltage drop at the device, while still falling within USB voltage specification.


  • Dimensions: 73mm x 43mm x 27mm
  • Input Voltage: 100V-240VAC
  • Cable Termination: MicroUSB male
  • Cable Length: 4′
  • Output Voltage: 5.1VDC
  • Output Current: 2.5A

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  1. mike87

    The power has always been a problem with the Pi – this should help!

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