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This FeatherWing adds a gorgeous 128×64 monochrome OLED plus 3 user buttons to any Feather main board. Using the included Feather Stacking Headers or Feather Female Headers you can connect a FeatherWing on top of your Feather board to expand functionality.

These displays are small, only about 1.3″ diagonal, but very readable due to the high contrast of an OLED display. This screen is made of 128×64 individual white OLED pixels and because the display makes its own light, no backlight is required. This reduces the power required to run the OLED and is why the display has such high contrast; we really like this miniature display for its crispness! Adafruit has also included a reset button and three mini tactile buttons called A B and C, so you can add a mini user interface to your Feather.

The display uses only I2C so you can easily connect it up with just two pins used (plus power and ground!). There’s an auto-reset circuit and a reset button on the top. They have even included a SparkFun Qwiic-compatible STEMMA QT connector for the I2C bus so you can plug and play any of our STEMMA QT or Qwiic compatible devices.

The display is an SH1107 which has both Arduino library and CircuitPython support. To use, Check out the excellent Adafruit tutorial! It has schematics, datasheets, files, and code examples.

Includes a set of 0.1″ headers that are unattached, you’ll need to solder them in to plug into your Feather board.



  • Dimensions: 22.9 x 50.9mm
  • Resolution: 128×64
  • High Contrast White on Black Display
  • Arduino library and CircuitPython support
  • Display Size: 1.3″ Diagonal
  • Includes Qwiic / STEMMA QT Connector
  • Three Mini Tactile Buttons




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