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USB Charger Doctor


USB Charger Doctor


SKU: OTH-018


The USB Charge doctor is a great way to see how much power your USB connected device is using! This blue plastic dongle plugs between a USB device, and passes the data lines through. There's a 0.05 ohm resistor in line with the power pin that is used to measure current draw. The Doctor's digital display instantly reads the numbers out for testing devices such as chargers, cables, and cell phones.

You can use this device from 3.5-7VDC input voltage (although most USB devices tend to hover around 4.75 to 5.25) and up to 3A of current. It flips between voltage and current readouts every 3 seconds or so. It's a very handy tool for testing USB devices, checking load levels and debugging battery chargers and boost converters.

Since the charge doctor does not have USB v3 pins all USB v3 connections will automatically downgrade to v2.


  • 21 x 53 x 15 mm / 0.8 x 2.1 x 0.6″
  • Operating Temperature: 0-60ºC
  • Working Range: 0-3A, 3.5-7VDC
  • Resolution: 10mV / 10mA

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