USB/ DC/ Solar LiPo Charger


USB/ DC/ Solar LiPo Charger


SKU: BAT-005 - Mfg Part Number: 390


The Adafruit USB / DC / Solar LiPo Charger is a feature filled single Lithium Ion / Lithium Polymer battery charger. The charger can accept power from a 6V solar panel by way of the DC barrel jack, 5V power by way of the USB port, and conventional 5VDC power through the DCIN pins on the circuit board and will charge / keep a battery topped up automatically when power is available.

The charge circuit has intelligent load sharing and automatically uses input power when available to prevent the constant charge / discharge of batteries. On loss of charge power / solar power the output power is immediately drawn from the battery to prevent any interruptions to the supply.

We are currently shipping Version 2 of this board. Light soldering is required to attach the included capacitor.


  • 3.7V/4.2V Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery charger
  • Too dark out? Use a USB mini-B cable or a 5V DC adapter
  • Will always draw the most current possible from a solar cell – up to the max charge rate!
  • Set for 500mA max charge rate, can be adjusted from 50mA up to 1A by soldering in a resistor
  • Smart load sharing automatically uses the input power when available, to keep battery from constantly charging/discharging
  • Three color indicator LEDs – Power good, Charging and Done
  • Charge with 5-6V DC, USB or 6V solar panel!
  • Automatic charging current tracking for high efficiency use of any wattage solar panel
  • Low Battery Indicator (fixed at 3.1V) with LED output
  • Temperature monitoring of battery by soldering in a 10K NTC thermistor (not included) – suggested for outdoor projects where the battery may get hot (50°C) or cold (0°C).


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