8 Bit Shift Register


8 Bit Shift Register


SKU: IC-004 - Mfg Part Number: SN74HC595N


Shift registers are great for expanding the number of digital pins on your microcontroller. This specific 8 bit shift register will add 8 additional digital outputs while only using 3 from your microcontroller. Initially, these sound a lot like a basic 3 – 8 decoder but a shift register is a lot more flexible. While a 3 – 8 decoder can only set one of the 8 pins at a time, this shift register can dynamically switch all 8 pins between high and low in any combination.


  • Voltage: 2-6VDC
  • Current: 80μA


8 Bit Shift Register: http://www.bc-robotics.com/datasheets/sn74hc595.pdf

Using A Shift Register With Arduino: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-arduino-lesson-4-eight-leds/overview

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