1×8 Mux / Demux


1×8 Mux / Demux


SKU: IC-068 - Mfg Part Number: SN74HC4851N


A Mux / Demux (Multiplexer / Demultiplexer) is a sort of traffic control device for electronic signals. It is generally used to provide multiple output paths for a single output pin or multiple input lines to a single input pin. Unlike many of the other chips that provide similar functionality, multiplexers are able to handle both digital and analog signals.

In this case, the single common line has 8 selectable paths and therefore it can be used to extend a single digital or analog input/output to 8 different devices. To control which of the 8 paths is connected to the common pin, a series of control lines are set HIGH/LOW.

These are ideal for microcontrollers / single board computers where there are limited pins available, but a lot of different control options / read options are required. In the case of limited numbers of pins with special functionality (interrupts, analog input / output, etc.) this can be expanded using a multiplexer instead of moving to a more complex controller.


  • Voltage: 2 – 6VDC
  • 8 Selectable channels
  • 8:1 Mux/Demux
  • Digital and Analog compatible


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